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SMED Program


SMEs DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM-SMEDProgram is formed by the College of Business Administration for Managers (CBAM), an organization that is operated under theVietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). The program has many  strategic alliances with well known, reputable international businesses, financial organizations and associations such as: INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER, ,HO CHI MINH CITY FINANCE AND INVSTMENT COMPANY, VIETNAM ASSET MANAGEMENT, VIPC ASSET MANAGEMENT…. This program is established to match the high demands of the Vietnamese medium and small enterprises to develop the long term business strategies.

  • We provide professional advisory services in strategic business development; assisting clients in utilizing their maximum potential and optimizing their competitive advantages.
  • Our core competence and advantages come from the variety of vital sources of information, the power of the strategic alliances, the innovative and efficiency of business solutions as well as the long-term relationships withmany foreign and local investors.
  1. Connecting local entrepreneurs and project owners with foreign investors
    • One of our major advantages is the vital source of information from within the internal and external network of the VCCI. This helps building business relationships and creating new business opportunities between foreign investors with the local entrepreneurs and business owners. In particularly, connecting the suitable investors with projects such as, infrastructure development, construction, food and beverage industries, consumer goods productions, mining and most other industries.
  2. Consulting and developing the strategies and development plans for join venture project
    • We understand the differentiations between business cultures, mindsets and other issues that may occur when different alliances are formed. Our professional business consultingfocus onspecific and  wide scale organizational improvement that usually involves strategy, structure, culture, systems and processes, then formal consulting solutions are usually called for and they are evaluated based on actual tangible results produces for each project.
  3. Consulting in legal process and regulations for join venture projects 
    • Consulting, coaching and assisting to completion of legal process involves investment, business, trades for both local and international corporate.  
  4. Consulting in developing the investment projects and  arranging the financing resources
    • Our experienced consultants will provide the best services in designing the most effective Financial strategies,  and assisting project owners to approach the right sources of capital from within the local and also the international financial organizations.
  5. Seminar and flexible training program for entrepreneurs
    • Our seminar and training courses are customized to deliver the suitable knowledge for SMEs in developing their own strategies, focusing on human resource, which is one of the key success factors for business strategic development.   
  6. Trade and Business Tours
    • Organizing trade and business tours to promote and to create opportunities for all local businesses to meet with foreign investors from the US, Europe, Japan, Korea and other South East Asian countries. Also it is a great opportunity for foreign investors to exploit the business opportunities in Vietnam.
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4th Floor, 79 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Dist 3, Hochiminh city, Vietnam
Tel: + 848 0808 7111 - Fax: + 848 0808 7116
Ms. Mai Anh Hoang – Head of Strategic Development
Cell: 0933696996  -   Email: anhmai@cbam.edu.vn
Ms. Nga Phi Doan - Head of Business Development
Cell: 0939333388 -  Email: phinga@cbam.edu.vn